Cameras, Lights, … Wow, Check Out Those Lights!

Jeff Gertel, a 30 year lighting veteran, is now running the MyHome MyPlanet lighting division. We are displaying various light fixtures at our Mt. Kisco showroom and have launched . By combining the personal service of a physical retail showroom with the convenience and competitive pricing of the web, we offer exceptional value to our clients.

Whether you need a single light fixture or to specify lighting for any other project (kitchen, bathroom, entire house/apartment renovation, commercial renovation, construction projects) we can help.

We recommend considering LED lighting, because LED is the most energy efficient technology and will last 50,000 hours on average. LED technology has recently become commercially available. It is also now affordable enough to be an obvious choice.

Please tell us more about your project to see how we can help. You can email Jeff at, call 914-244-9499 313, or visit our Mt. Kisco showroom for a hands on approach.



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Ask Mayan The Expert: How Can I Save Money with LED Lighting?

Linda asks: I have a client who has a number of convenience stores in several southern states. This is a large question I know but what kind of tax advantages and energy savings could he expect from an LED conversion. Also could he have or use any carbon credits. These guys have huge power bills for overhead lighting with their canopies.

Answer: Linda, you’re right that is a large question! Without detailed engineering analysis I can’t really give you any specific information in regard to energy savings or potential payback, but I can offer some order of magnitude type ideas of savings as well as some information on where to look to help your client pursue rebates and tax credits.

The best resource for determining what energy efficiency incentives would be available to your client would be DSIRE stands for Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency. DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Established in 1995 and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, DSIRE is an ongoing project of the N.C. Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

I’m not sure what you’re asking about as far as carbon credits, but I don’t think they’re applicable to this question. Carbon credits are, simply put, units of carbon emissions that can be purchased or sold between participating members (i.e. countries, corporations, etc.) towards the ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a cap and trade program, which at this time, the US does not enforce.

Installing LED lighting will result in reduced energy consumption (the reason behind potential tax credits), and come with a plethora of benefits. They typically last longer than fluorescents, are very durable, operate cool, are mercury free, and end up being quire cost-effective for a number of applications. Estimates from Beta LED ( state that LED canopy lighting can save up to 75% compared to traditional convenience store canopy lighting and can cost anywhere from $5-$6/Watt.

Ultimately, if your client is serious about energy-saving retrofit possibilities for his convenience stores, I’d recommend contacting an engineering firm that does energy audits and hiring them to do a brief study to identify these savings opportunities and help quantify what kind of energy and economical savings your client could expect to see if he went through with any retrofits. At my company, this would typically involve a day trip to the property and a brief write-up to accompany the calculations and simple payback analysis.

Feel free to browse the selection of LED Lighting to see what works best for you and your clients.

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The use of European Cabinets in kitchen designs increase the level of customer satisfaction

Using European Cabinets in designing kitchens can increase the level of customer satisfaction because they create a fusion of old world charm and contemporary functionality.  While differing from the conventional cabinets in terms of form in that they are more elegant, they never lack user friendliness.  In fact, they are more practical in nature than many other styles.

One of the aspects of the European Cabinet that guarantees customer satisfaction is the availability of various intricate designs.  European inspired cabinets are moving towards frameless doors and drawers which give a stylish uncluttered look. From designs reminiscent of the Victorian era to the timeless Greek, from the Romantic French to the Danish Modern, the range available is at once incredible and breathtaking. Contrary to the popular belief, European Cabinets are not about old-fashioned look alone.  They can be endearingly classic, awesomely rustic or surprisingly sleek and modern.  In other words, they appeal to customers with varied tastes and expectations.

European cabinets provide substance to the heart of homes.  Because of their compactness and neatness, they depict a sense of warmth.  It lends an air of authenticity to the general ambience and adds originality to the décor.

European style cabinets that were in the market only as a high-end option, not so long ago, are now available mainstream at an attractive and affordable price range.  They are not only trendy but an investment worth your while.  Make a great fashion statement today by getting a beautiful European kitchen cabinet from companies MyHome MyPlanet

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Simple, but creative ideas for creating a dream kitchen on a budget

Designing a dream kitchen that is well within your budget is an exciting prospect, always. Building a kitchen that has all the essential ingredients like high end gadgets, constituents, facilities and accessories requires you to be innovative and creative. A few creative ideas that suit your budget are,


●        Omit, add and replace

A clear idea on the things that you need to add, remove and change in your existing kitchen will help you in building a cost effective kitchen. Buy items that suit your personal style without altering your budget and modify your plan, whenever necessary.


●        Visit homes

Prior to building a dream kitchen, paying visits to your friends’ or families’ houses in the local are, to know more about kitchen designs and interior design that will help you in understanding how ideas are implemented and the average cost of remodeling or building kitchens.


●        Use internet

Browse through the internet for a variety of kitchen plans, appliances and rates. Companies like MyhomeMyplanet offer a clear picture about kitchen products like Leicht cabinets, European cabinets and an array of items. Virtual showrooms of companies like these help you to get a clear idea on how the products will look, when they are assembled in a kitchen.


●        Seek the help of Kitchen contractors and planners

Kitchen planners and contractors provide numerous ideas about creative designs for low priced kitchens and guide you with every single process of building your dream kitchen within a specific budget, through their knowledge of every aspect of the field.

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Leicht Receives “iF Product Design Award 2011”

Leicht Cabinets is honored to receive this most prestigious award:


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The most rewarding gift to you and your family is a new kitchen

Kitchen is the most important constituent in your home and it bears witness to your cozy gatherings, late-night talks, homework sessions, celebrations and most importantly great food. To have a great and well equipped kitchen is the most rewarding gift you can get yourself and your family. With kitchen designs available in galore today in the market, choosing the perfect one that is in tandem with your home design or interior design, taste and necessities has become an easy task. For building a great kitchen, the following tips can be extremely useful like,


●      Shop online

Online shopping has many advantages over normal shopping since, you can choose from a wide range of products, from the convenience of your living room, without venturing outside. Companies like MyhomeMyplanet offer a wide variety of products like Leicht cabinets and European cabinets and every single ingredient essential for building a kitchen and remodeling. You can also visit the virtual showrooms of companies before making your final decision.


●      Employ a kitchen planner

A kitchen planner’s specific job is to customize the kitchen and even indulge in remodeling it, according to the budget allocation, needs and tastes of a particular client. With his expertise and experience, he will actuate your dreams and kitchen planning agencies also offer substantial discounts, on many occasions.


●      DIY kits

You can also realize your kitchen designs by purchasing ‘do it yourself’ kits and as the name suggests, you can order kitchen items or components and install the same, yourself.

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My Planet My Home is there for Builders and Architects

You can always call to speak with one of our designers, visit one of our showrooms or set up a free design consultation in your home in order to see how we can help. The MyHome MyPlanet model is flexible so that we can best accommodate any type of project and work with your team or be your team. Whether you would like to purchase one faucet or light fixture or are planning a complete renovation of your Westchester house/ Manhattan apartment we are here to help and will provide professional personal service, design and specification help and competitive prices.

For more info , click the above image or

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